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Store Owners' Collaborators
If you know a lot of store woners, thats just prime! Don't hesitate to get in touch with them with the help of our world class brands.
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If you want to find a part-time sales job based on commission mode, Being our affiliate could be a good choice for you.
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If you are helping people who wants to build their own e-commerce bussiness, you can recommend them running an online store with the help of ComB2B's supply chain and dropshipping service.
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Looking for factory-priced products for your influencers? Join us and you will get what you want.
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Join our affiliate program, connect world class brands to your audience and monetize your traffic.
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We have over 200+ world famous brands and over 1000+ Products to choose from.

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Wholesale orders have thin profit, but we are still willing to share up to 50% of our profit to affiliates.

Dedicated Account Manager & Expert

Wholesale orders have thin profit, but we are still willing to share up to 50% of our profit to affiliates.

1. How does ComB2B affiliate work?
ComB2B is a wholesale website built for worldwide retailers. ComB2B affiliate program is a program built for those who can bring retailers and procurement orders to . As a reward, ComB2B will share with them up to 50% commission based on its profits of each referred orders.
2.How do I get started?
First, please register a buyer account. Then login and go to "My Affiliate" and apply as an affiliate and you will get a unique invitation code for referral.
3. Is it free to join ?
Yes, it is totally free to join since there is no monthly fee.
4. How do you track orders?
We use Invitation Code other than affiliate link to bond and track. After you apply as an affiliate, you will receive a unique Invitation Code. When any buyers enter your invitation code during signup, he/she will be bonded together to you and you will share commission of their procurement orders for the cookie duration period.
5.How long does your cookie last for?
2 Years! It's ture, it's not a joke. We use Invitation Code mode other than affiliate link. We know it is not easy to bring a retailer to ComB2B, that's why we are willing to extend the window long to 2 years.
6. How much can I earn?
We would love to share up to 50% based on our profits other than a percentage of order value. And we are open to discuss on it if you have great capacity to bring consideration business to ComB2B.
7. How do I get paid?
Currently we offer PayPal and bank transfer options to pay you the commission. So make sure you have at least one of them available.
8.How often do I get paid?
We release the commission of each order 30 days after the supplier receives the money. You will see all released commission (your account balance) in "Available Commission". You are free to request a withdrawal any time.
Other Terms & Conditions?

1. The minimum payment amount for PayPal is USD $100 and USD $500 for Bank. Regularly we start to arrange the payment on 5th of each month and the whole payment process will take another 5 business days.

2. Do remember to give your inivitation code to your buyers before they sign up. If someone forgot to add your invitation code, tell us with a proof and we can help you recover the referral relationship.

3. Don't worry if your referred buyers clears the browser cookie since we only use Invitation Code mode. The 365-day duration is stable.