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Buyer Territory Services
Logistics Service
Import Agency Service
Import Agency Service
If you have your own import agent to handle the import formalities of the order, you can ask your Agent to register ( click here ) as "Import
Partner" , ComB2B will assist your Import Agency by:
Transfer relevant data (including PO, e-Contracts, commercial Invoice, Packing List, product pools, etc.) under your authorization
Assist you in calculating import duties and VAT with ComB2B.coms order management system
With the help of ComB2B.coms order management system, various documents required for import procedures are automatically generated.
If you do not have an import agent to process your inventory, recommends ( click here ) a professional
import agent and offers the following service
Submission of appropriate documentation for Customs clearance
Make payment for the related inbound duty VAT and other fee at local.
Make payment for the funds ( against e-Contract ) to the Bank Account in China or HongKong ( designated by ) .
Please note that if you prefer to use an import agent to handle your import orders, you will need :
Select Import Agent and reach an online agreement.
Authorize to transmit information about your procurement order to an online Import Agent, who will process your order accordingly.
According to your agreement with Import Agent, handle the commission locally.
Logistics Service
If your order is shipped in a full container, you can pick up the container directly from Ports or Railway Station.
If you order less than a container, you must pick it up from a warehouse designated by Please find the contact details of warehouse operator and the related Service Tariff.
Please note that you will need to pay all local logistics surcharges at your destination based on the service charges provided by Logistics Service Provider.