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Home Appliance > Other Home Appliances > Other Home Appliances > HD RCA Audio Video Cable HD to 3 RCA Male AV Wire Cord 1.5M DV MP4 Convertor,C6972 HD高清线转3RCA机顶盒电视hd转av镀金1.5米 音视频线
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HD RCA Audio Video Cable HD to 3 RCA Male AV Wire Cord 1.5M DV MP4 Convertor,C6972

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    Shenzhen Yiketongda Technology Co., Ltd.
  • C6972
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Product Details

1 to 3 AV Cable 
Let your TV be "smart".

High-speed Transmission & Pure Sound Quality
Enjoy movies at home with HD Audio Video Cable.
Easy & Simple Connection 
Plug the single one into STB and plug 3 ones into TV.
Wide Applications & Compatibility
Can be used for connecting STB with TV, amplifier with PC, CD player and TV, data transmission between speakers. 
Injection Molding & Stable Head
Fully protect PCA terminal and not easy be out of shape. 
Soft Wire & Environment Friendly
Made of braided wire and durable in use. 
Material: Nylon
Color: Black
Wire Length: 1.5 meters
Connectors: HD
Item weight: Approx. 105g / 3.7oz
Package size: 24.6 * 19.9 * 1cm / 9.69 * 7.83 * 0.39in(L * W * H)
Package weight: 111g / 3.92oz

Package List:
1 * HD RCA Audio Video Cable
Package List without user manual. 

HD RCA Audio Video Cable HD to 3 RCA Male AV Wire Cord 1.5M DV MP4 Convertor,C6972

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