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Home Appliance > Other Home Appliances > Other Home Appliances > F19B Smart Keyboard Case Flip Cover Wireless BT Keyboard Case for iPad Air 1 2 5 6 Pro 9.7,C7189G F19B ipad9.7/air1/air2/pro9.7平板电脑蓝牙键盘保护壳 (金色)
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F19B Smart Keyboard Case Flip Cover Wireless BT Keyboard Case for iPad Air 1 2 5 6 Pro 9.7,C7189G

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    Shenzhen Yiketongda Technology Co., Ltd.
  • C7189G
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Product Details

This smart keyboard case is Ultra-slim BT keyboard with Anti-scratch full-body protective case for your iPad.
Intelligent dormancy power-saving
Ultra-thin iPad case protects the tablet 360 degrees from damage.
Removable design, you can adjust the most comfortable viewing position.
Mini and compact, easy to carry, ABS material can be tightly absorbed keyboard.
Concise fashion, easy to carry, comfortable ABS shell, typing fast and comfortable and durable.
Built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery powered worry free, protective shell all-round protection of iPad tablet computer.
Product Specification: 
Chip: Broadcom chip BT version 3
Effective distance 10m
Standby time: 100 days
Continuous working hours: 70 hours 
Charging time: 4-5 hours
Lithium Battery capacity: 100 mA
Lithium battery life: 3 years
Button life: 500 million times 
Product material: ABS plastic box, fuel injection surface treatment, chocolate type ABS button
Support system: support Apple IOS system, suitable for Apple (2017/2018) new ipad 9.7& ipad pro 9.7 & ipad air2 & ipad air
Optional color:black, rose gold, gold, silver
Item weight: 435g
Item size: 25*18*1.3cm
Packing size: 680g
packaging weight: 28*19*2.6cm
Applicable  Models: 
For Apple iPad 9.7 inch 2018  (A1893 A1954) 
For Apple iPad 9.7 inch 2017  (A1822 A1823) 
For Apple iPad Pro 9.7  (A1673 A1674 A1675) 
For Apple iPad 6 / Air 2  (A1566 A1567) 
For Apple iPad 5 / Air 1  (A1474 A1475 A1476)
1, There may be a slight difference between picture and physical color. Please refer to the physical objects received. Thank you!
2, iPad is not included.
Package Content:
1 * Keyboard Case

F19B Smart Keyboard Case Flip Cover Wireless BT Keyboard Case for iPad Air 1 2 5 6 Pro 9.7,C7189G

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