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Can Be Customized Heating Clothes for Cold Environment

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    Yuanran (Suzhou) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
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Product Details

Can be customized heating clothes for cold environment

Graphene polymeriC nano-energy heating garments

Add a heating layer to the inner layer of ordinary clothes, connect the temperature control switch through the heating element, and turn on the temperature control switch to convert electrical energy into heat energy. The heating layer can generate heat, and people can feel the warmth effect heat when wearing the clothes.The heating layer temperature is designed to be around 45 degrees, or higher heating temperature can be designed according to the needs of cold areas.

Can Be Customized Heating Clothes for Cold Environment

Product advantages:
1. Safety: graphene polymerized nanometer energy heating wire is used to conduct heat but not conduct electricity, thus it is safe and radiation-free
2. Fast heating speed and instant heating
3. Energy saving and environmental protection, minus 30 degrees, continuous heat for 6-8 hours
4. Simple operation, temperature control with three gears, easy to use
5. Nursing function: far-infrared light wave, designed for acupoints, improves lumbar muscle strain and immunity;Releases the negative oxygen ion, can purify the air.

The heating garment is soft in texture and strong in tensile resistance. It can be folded normally without affecting the performance. The heating layer does not affect the appearance of the garment.This heating suit can not only provide heating but also have health care function. The heat effect can promote blood circulation, eliminate fatigue and enhance human immunity.

* It is specially customized for enterprises to solve the cold problem of outdoor workers.

Enterprise custom graphene polymeric nano-energy heating clothing:

It is specially customized for enterprises to solve the cold problem of outdoor workers.

In the cold winter months, you're bound to wrap yourself up like a bear, move slowly like a sloth, and work long and hard. Yuanran heating clothes, so that no longer bloated warmth, so that the work is no longer slow, can easily have both demeanor and temperature, simple design and modern version, so that you can also concave in winter modeling.Whether it is outdoor work, or daily leisure, it can be satisfied.

Yuanrun heating clothing, cold black technology, warm your whole winter, let you fear cold invasion, no longer hesitate is the demeanor or temperature.

For the crowd:
Logistics, express delivery, geological exploration, oil field labor insurance supplies, drilling, aerospace, aviation, construction, surveying and mapping, transportation, traffic engineering, surveying, inspecting, plants, animals and plants to pick from, polar exploration, mobile communications, sports communication, emergency communication, high-speed rail transportation, locomotive maintenance, maintenance, such as mountain climbing, outdoor work,etc.


Can Be Customized Heating Clothes for Cold Environment

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