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3D Art Glass

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    Shenzhen Fandeng Trading Co., Ltd.
  • PZ51C930F
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Product Details

Fandeng 3D glass series:
Raw material: Float glass (car grade)

Original panel: 1830mm X 2440mm
Standard tile: 915 X 2440 mm, 600 X 600 mm, 300 X 300mm
Standard thickness: 5mm, 6/8/10/12mm are available.
Sizes can be made-to-order.

22 kinds of regular patterns: Large brocade and small brocade, nest, scree plot, ruled, barcode, crater, Bauhinia, resourceful, love, cobblestone, tree lines, large pattern, Guzhuan pattern, Interfax, square hole, Splendor, steady, steadily high, maze, beads, steadily higher

3Dglass is a new breed of art glass, ordinary glass surface in a special painting process, but also gives a very natural, beautiful three-dimensional lines and patterns; Make the glass rendering 3D stereo effect.

It does this by lighting the match and achieve the best visual effects, 3D glass wall fitted spotlights allow three-dimensional pattern glass itself presents unique three-dimensional sense of movement and Mirage timely Shang Gaogui texture for interior decoration to add luster.

1. Public decoration: Restaurant backdrop, hotel, KTV, sauna foot clubhouse, SPA Museum, nightclubs and other entertainment venues.
2. Home Improvement: Senior housing, villas, living room, cultural wall, TV wall, sofa backdrop, bedroom wall, space division, bathroom, kitchen and so on.
3. With a wardrobe, shower room, kitchen cabinet surface decorative panels.

Packing: Packed in wooden case, every PC of glass is covered by PVC film, protected by EPE and foam.

Place of origin and Shipping port: Shenzhen, China.

Delivery time: It'll take 7 days to finish normal order(less than 100sqm), 100sqm-300sqm: 15 days, 300sqm-500sqm: 20 days, more than 500sqm: 30 days.

3D Art Glass

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Product : 3D Art Glass
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