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HDMI Cofdm Video Transmitter push to talk full duplex data transceiver

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    Shenzhen Huanuo Innovate Technology Co.,Ltd
  • PZ6690799
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Brand Name
Model Number
Place of Origin
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
500 pieces per month
Delivery Time
1~2 working days
Packaging Details
Professional carton box package
Operating Frequency
Output Power
Channel Bandwidth
128bit AES

Product Details

HDMI Cofdm Video Transmitter push to talk full duplex data transceiver

Product Introduction:

HN-730 is a Frequency Division Duplex transceiver designed for use in long-range un-manned vehicles,manned vehicles,unmanned boat and ground stations, using COFDM multi carrier modulation and demodulation technology supporting non line of sight range (NLOS) transmission, supports narrow band (1MHz/2MHZ), low latency, high sensitivity long range transmission applications, and uses transparent IP data interface to provide a balanced and stable high-speed data rate uplink ( 30 Mbit/s) and downlink( 30 Mbit/s), highly integrated embedded design,super linear digital predistortion (Digital Predistortion) RF design,improve your reliability in non-line-of-sight and complex environments, enhance building penetration,and provide law enforcement,high definition digital broadcasting, security system, public security, fire-fighting with the performance of COFDM and flexibility of IP, all within the secure network.It is widely used in multi-channel video stream transmission, high standard unmanned control system and intelligent control equipment.

Product features:

  • Push to talk,two way audio
  • Support HDMI interface with zero encoder,small delay time
  • Using non-standard COFDM modulation and demodulation technology
  • Support non line of sight (NLOS) and high-speed mobile transmission.
  • low latency /End to end transmission large data
  • Transparent network / serial data transmission
  • Supports 128-bit dynamic AES encryption
  • Support full band / ultra narrow band / multi bandwidth modulation (1MHz/2MHz/4MHz/8MHZ).
  • Integrated design, small volume, low power consumption

Technical parameters

Working voltageDC 6~17V
TX output frequency



Stepping 1MHz

RX input frequency



Stepping 1MHz

Channel bandwidth1/2/4/8MHz
Output Power

30dbm(can customized),

Step 1 dBm

AudioBi-directional audio,push to talk
Encryption and decryption128bit AES(Dynamic adjustable key)
Modulation and demodulationCOFDM 2K
Data Rate2x30Mbit/s_RJ45 115200bps_RS232
Input interfaceHDMI


Widely application for UAV system, high speed railway, fire fighting, security, intelligence control and other complex environments.

HDMI Cofdm Video Transmitter push to talk full duplex data transceiver

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