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Zhongshan Himalaya Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002 and belongs to the Water Knight Group: Taiwan Jinpin Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Himalaya, Henan Water Knight, Zhongshan Jili Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a one-stop shop Large-scale innovative and production-oriented high-tech enterprises. Himalaya Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. focuses on outdoor drinking water bags, waterproof bags (bags), water bottles, inflatable clothing, inflatable cushions (pillows), bicycle buckles and other related accessories outdoor equipment; focus on automatic production, rapid proofing and production. It has six automated production lines, precision mold processing, food-grade injection molding, bottle blowing, extrusion, vulcanization, film calendering and pelletizing. Stable quality and huge production capacity. In addition, we also have a one-stop production enterprise for automatic cutting, silk screen printing, pad printing, high frequency seamless welding, sewing, semi-automatic assembly, laboratory, and packaging. We also call it a "total solution supplier". ". It covers an area of over 11,334 square meters and has a construction area of 13,600 square meters. With more than 3,000 professional and skilled employees and various advanced equipment, we have become one of the most professional and powerful outdoor equipment manufacturers in China, including more than 100 high-frequency pedals, semi-automatic and automatic voltage machines and automatic computer carts. The company has accumulated 20 years of experience in design, development and production, constantly absorbing, summarizing and innovating, and has first-class production technicians. Himalaya is the best choice for your water bags, waterproof bags, water bottles and inflatable products: 1. Competitive price: own molds, machines, testing equipment, the whole process is in line with ISO9001 quality management and compliance The internal completion of factory audit standards. In the case of quantity, the actual risk is compared and directly traded (without purchasing from other factories or intermediaries) to ensure that qualified materials are used, the quality meets the requirements of regulations, and the price is guaranteed to be the cheapest; 2. Very advantageous and flexible delivery Period: Monthly supply of joint production capacity of multiple factories in Taiwan, Zhongshan, Henan and Hubei. If the order is exchanged in advance, the order is arranged, and the material is prepared, all can be satisfied; 3. High-quality supply: supplier selection, incoming inspection, production process, raw material traceability, etc. to ensure that each product is a high-quality product. In the past 30 years, the group company has never stopped cooperation due to quality problems. Fourth, the advantages of new product development and technical support: In China, more than 100 patents have been applied for in Europe and the United States. There has never been a patent problem, and it can also meet the special supply for special funds. Never leaking water bags, water bottles, waterproof bags, and inflatable products have a variety of product types, and can also choose combinations according to customer requirements; 5. High-standard factory management: ISO9001 certified factories and regular factory in Taiwan, Zhongshan, Henan The customer's quality, technical and social responsibility audit is beneficial to reduce the quality and supply risk, the transaction cost is equal to the actual payment, and can promote the sales rate of the product; Six, professional testing: externalization such as REACH, FDA and EU Performance test and tensile test, antibacterial test, nozzle bite life test, drop test, water leakage (gas) test, roller test, heavy pressure test, vibration test, wind and rain test, underwater IPX and other functional in-plant tests to ensure the quality , performance and other aspects meet customer standards; "customer first" is our mission, "innovation and excellence" is our belief. We are willing to provide every customer with high-quality products and high-quality services.

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  • Contact Name:Lin Zhengmin
  • Phone:13528298767
  • Mobile:13528298767
  • Address:No. 36, East Fourth Road, Yanjiang, Torch Development Zone, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China

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